Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post Valentine's Day De-Brief

My fabulous early am-miles apart-parallel play-workout-text support-buddy Dreena has already heard these amazing revelations this morning, but I thought I'd share with my broader audience of five.

I had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Bike Monkey got his braces off; we bowled with Dreena's wonderful family and friends; my sweet husband brought me flowers and bread and really good cheese, then took me to a wonderful benefit concert at our church.

It was however, not the best eating day, unless you count french fries and chocolate as a good lunch. I had what is best termed as a sugar hangover this morning. So much so that even though I woke up around 5:30, in plenty of time to make it to the gym by my usual latest of 6, I was compelled to do really urgent things before leaving, like shopping for low-heeled wedge espadrilles online and looking at other people exercise in books and on the internet.

But I finally got out the door (reminded that somehow 6:30 a.m. traffic is much worse than 5:30) and made it to the gym. And of course I felt much better once I exercised. Which stinks, because if I didn't feel better I'd have a reason to talk myself out of it tomorrow. Anyway, I learned two things at the gym this morning:

1) My gym buddies are keeping track of me. One of them pointed out to me that I was late when I sauntered in at 6:45.

2) You can consume LARGE amounts of chocolate dipped strawberries and valentine dots (see photo below) without gaining weight, as long as you substitute them for a meal. No lie!

(Full disclosure, this photo is from last year. This year's were long gone before photographic evidence was recorded. And there was no hope that the strawberries would last long enough.)


megan said...

My vday was not as active as yours but I got flowers as well and a very sweet letter from my anthony.
We started weight watchers andvlike it butbthe exercise part has not started... I need a text buddy !!!
Miss you megan

Dreena M. Tischler said...

I laughed myself silly at the part about "watching other people exercise in books and on the internet."

Megan you can join our text club --even thought i don't know you -- if you like to get up early. I do mean early. Yikes.

Back to it tomorrow. Thanks for dragging me kicking and screaming Colleen.