Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Snapshots

Where did the summer go? I foolishly thought that with both boys at camp this summer I would take time to faithfully blog our exploits and enjoy the abundant quiet time and write a lot in this space. But I unintentionally seem to have taken an almost Memorial Day to Labor Day break. And it's a good thing. We've been busy living life, if not exactly capturing it in film and pictures.

I moved slowly, worked on my first college class in 15 or so years, had wonderful lunches with friends, finished and started a couple of home improvement painting projects, and generally had a good time. In contrast to last summer, we never ventured farther afield than Houston, and never once stepped foot out of state. Here are some snapshots of our staycation-style summer.

You'll notice all kinds of variations on water. With the record-breaking hundred degrees days we've endured, how could we not try to escape in water as often as we got the chance.

Kicking off the summer at the Rock'N River.

Visiting the Pedernales at Reimer's Ranch with my brother and sister-in-law in June.

Trying out a different do for summer. He didn't like it, which surprised me.

All too brief but wonderful day trip to Surfside Beach.

An amazing youth group urban Mission trip in Houston with CSM. Deserving of its own blog post, which I'll try to pull together.

A cake, made with his daddy, just because!

The drought's brought out the wild animals, even the nocturnal ones, looking for water during the day.

Ever so thankful for a neighborhood pool that stays open April to October.