Sunday, April 14, 2013

Seen and Pondered Sunday

My how time flies by. I've been seeing and pondering a lot, but neglecting to stop by here and share. I've stepped up the pace and taken two classes each term, winter and spring, and been surprised by how much more time that has taken up. The winter term was pretty rocky, but I was exposed to a lot of thought provoking material in an International Women's class and an anthropology class on natural resources and sustainable community. I'm now starting week 3 of an anthropology class on China and a class entitled International Women's Voices. So many smart people out there thinking good things, and challenging themselves to make the world a better place.

Here's some things that have caught my eye that I'd recommend:

1) China and the coffee industry at the Beijing Review. Who knew?

2) In an earlier post I mentioned my new-found, years behind all the hip people, love of TED talks. Here's one of my newest favorites, "The Danger of a Single Story", by author Chimamanda Adichie. You should also read her fiction. I've read her novel Purple Hibiscus and the short story collection The Thing Around Your Neck, and can't wait to read the rest of her work.

3) Pardis Sabeti. A rock star by night, scientist by day. Now there's a female role model for you.

4) Empowering women to battle hunger.

5) From the BBC, "The Changing State of US Ethnicity" I'm a sucker for a little graphic moving boat.

6) Finally, many of you saw this when I posted it on Facebook, courtesy of my friend Helen Weicker. "Worry About Yourself" It may be our new family mantra. We've learned it's applicable in sibling disagreements, when someone might be complaining about their teammate's behavior during a sporting event, and when multiple backseat drivers are unable to help themselves in proffering driving advice. Watch it and live it!

And a random photo from a recent trip to the Dallas Farmers Market.