Sunday, November 14, 2010

waterfalls, whirligigs, snap circuits and such

Trying to catch up I've got my posts all out of order. But before the whirlwind that was October, we had the whirlwind that was September, which involved getting used to some new school scheduling routines and a little bit of travel as well, both in town and out.
We had a wonderful visit from my oldest brother and sister-in-law. They're big hikers, and we managed to hit both McKinney Falls and Pedernales state parks all in one day. They inspired us to head back out to McKinney Falls one school day and do some school work there and play around with our cameras.

We also headed to Fort Worth for Lyman to attend a conference. We had the decadent experience of my brother agreeing to take the boys for a couple of nights. With Lyman and I having some time to ourselves, snuck out for our perfect geeky date of a movie, "The American," and a bookstore visit. We also had a great meal at Ferre Ristaurante e Bar.

Saturday morning found us open to enjoy the free museum day in Fort Worth, despite the morning downpour. My brother was a better sport than I was about spending our entire time at the Science and Nature Museum. (In my defense, he gets to go to the Kimball and Amon Carter and the Botanical Museum way more than I do.) There are pictures of me on the spinning thing, but my children seem incapable of mentioning that a) my love handles might not be showing up to my best advantage and b) I look like the wicked witch of the west and might want to consider brushing my hair when they are taking photos of me. So those photos will remain unpublished.

Never let it be said that my children aren't having an enriched childhood.

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Anonymous said...

Some of my earliest best memories are of "The Children's Museum" which is now the museum of Science and History in Ft. Worth. My favorite exhibit was the installation with the school desk from the late 19th or early 20th century. In the 90's we took my son Jeremy, now 19, to see it and that exhibit was still part of the museum. I wonder if it's still there..... Glad you guys had fun in Foat Wurth..... From Francine Taylor