Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The 8th Birthday - Nerf Edition

It's always risky planning a November birthday party outside, but we lucked out, and other than feeling a tad bit brisk, Charlie Brown had a wonderful 8th birthday party at one of our local parks. It was definitely better than having it at the house, which the boys had originally proposed. (Eight-year-olds, armed with Nerf guns, inside -- did they think I was crazy??)

I'm generally not great with theme parties, but I think we pulled this one off fairly well. I'm glad that not every possible children's theme has its own aisle at the Party Pig, but it meant that we had to come up with our own way to coordinate food, decorations, etc. We purchased simple blue and orange plates, napkins, and utensils and went with blue and orange snack foods since it was an afternoon party. Cheese cubes, carrots and tangerines balanced out the sugar from the blue jello jigglers and fruit roll-ups. Some blue and orange Capri Suns and a beautiful cake topped with strawberries and peaches from Mr. Natural rounded out the dining options.

Blue and orange bandanas wrapped around little Nerf pistols served as party favors, and the bandanas did double duty, serving as markers to divide the teams for battle. Unfortunately many of the party favor pistols were duds, but all the kids and adults who played were great about sharing the Nerf guns we'd brought from home.

Thanks to my amazingly talented and generous friend, Dreena, we brought our new hula hoops to distract and entertain anyone who didn't want to engage in warfare.

Blessed with beautiful weather, great friends and family, and a very charming birthday boy who was showered with presents that were perfect for him, we had a grand time!

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