Tuesday, January 1, 2013

on the arrival of 2013

Especially after spending several days with my father's side of the family in Georgia and North Carolina, we had to bring in the New Year with Hoppin' John and the basic cornbread recipe from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.  After grabbing some exercise at the YMCA and a small afternoon date at the Galaxy Cafe, we had a quiet night at home.  The bigger boys enjoyed watching basketball and car shows on TV.  The youngest became totally engrossed in one of his books he got for Christmas, The Mark of Athena.  And I indulged in a little House Hunters watching, and reading, falling asleep way before the ball dropped.  (No surprise at all to Lyman.)

Starting the morning and 2013 in a quiet house while everyone else sleeps.  Setting the intention to care for myself this year with time with family and friends, adventure, good healthful food, good work, and light, in all its wondrous forms.  It has been quite the year, and this coming one holds much promise.  Blessings in 2013.

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