Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's Day '11

Good food.

My favorite members of the male species.

(One of my favorites is behind the camera. Have I mentioned that Bike Monkey is 13? Apparently it's against his creed to smile for photos. I should also explain that Charlie Brown brought in action figures to play with during brunch. That's what he's got wadded up in his shirt in the photos.

Because, you know, brunch with the family for Mother's Day can be boring, and they don't have a TV at Galaxy to stare at while you ignore your family.)

Thoughtful gifts from my family. I've already had to ask Lyman to only buy me Nutella once a year. I could very easily slip back into my college days habit of eating it with a spoon.

I'm a lucky mama!

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The WoodLand School said...

Happy mothers day! Looks like you had a wonderful ... and treasure-filled! ... time :-)