Thursday, April 21, 2011

Annual Trip to Sweet Berry Farms

Heading out to Sweet Berry Farms in the spring has been a family tradition for many years. We used to go to their Lexington location when it was open, but now head west to Marble Falls to pick. Last year was a more relaxed outing, with ice cream at the farm and pie at the Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls. This year was a more focused, down-to-business approach.

We left home at first light to ensure getting to the farm right as they opened and were only beaten there by a couple of groups of older folks. We picked a family record 19 pounds of strawberries, and were glad to have come early, as it made for cooler weather and lots of strawberries. And although we brought along a friend, the morning didn't quite have the festive vibe we've had in years past, perhaps due to sluggish sleepy children.

The boys have asked to come later next year, not just because they were sleepy, but their stick-in-the-mud mother wouldn't let them have ice cream at 9 am.

taste test, sporting newly decorated head gear

ready to be frozen and put away for future smoothies

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