Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the Lenten season

Today we prepared for Lent to begin with a rousing Shrove Tuesday pancake supper at church and a king cake at home. (The plastic baby Jesus was nowhere to be found, as the baker at HEB told me they'd run out since the cakes have been so popular.) We'll be up and out the door early for the morning Ash Wednesday service.

In readings, I'm leaning toward a slightly eclectic selection. I just finished Chasing Francis, which I really enjoyed, and was a great lead up to the season. I'll start Chocolat today. (It would have never occurred to me, but came up on the subject search for Lent in the library catalog.) And I was late in ordering Bread and Wine: Readings for Lent and Easter, so I'll be getting a late start on that.

I haven't decided on a sacrifice yet for Lent. I can't decide if I'm just being stubborn, lazy or uninspired. My usuals of sugar, dessert or chai seem unachievable this year. Maybe I'm missing the point, if I'm looking for something that doesn't sound intimidating.


Dreena M. Tischler said...

Maybe you are just being called to something else all together! I am going to check out your books.

Knights' Mama said...

Dreena, the Bread and Wine book arrived today and so far I really like it. Chasing Francis is kind of geared to the emerging church folks who like Brian McLaren and Tony Campolo. I really enjoyed it.