Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Big Trip 2010 Post 1

(I'm only about 4 months behind on posting... It's tempting to just jump in with current goings-on, because I've been pleased with our homeschooling so far, and excited about books that I want to mention. But the summer held too many wonderful things not to record, so I'm going to try to simultaneously back track and talk about the summer and catch up with what's going on right now.)

We went on the longest vacation we've ever taken this summer. Experienced more amazing things, saw more natural beauty, had better visits with family and friends, and went to more historical sites than I thought possible in five weeks. Aside from a few minor meltdowns and minor sibling "issues", there's really not a bad memory from the trip.

Fort Mountain State Park, Georgia

It's hard to list favorites, because everything we did was so diverse and had different tones and settings. Throughout the trip, we were treated to all types of natural beauty. It's easy to think it's all gotten spoiled and that there truly is a Starbucks and Wal-mart on every corner. But, thank goodness, it really doesn't take traveling that far to truly feel remote, away from it all, and renewed. And even in urban environments pockets of green can be stops along the way that ground you in the earth.

Artichoke bloom at Monticello

I always feel more content and in tune in the mountains, and it turns out I live with several males who are never happier than near water. Our trip to the southeast held something for everyone.

Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

Atlantic Beach, NC

More stories and photos to come...

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